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Learnership Program

About the Programme

The Pride Milling Learnership Programme provides a solid basis for professional development. Learners who partake in this programme not only gain valuable management knowledge and skills but also have the opportunity to work in an operational environment and get real-life work experience.


As part of our Learnership Programme, we offer Generic Management NQF Level 3 and Business Administration Services NQF Level 3 qualifications. Both qualifications run over a 12-month period and include both theoretical and practical training.  Learners are paired with mentors (experienced individuals/managers) in different disciplines ranging from human resources, finances, quality and systems, production and packing, logistics and sales.

By completing the generic management qualification, learners will be empowered to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are required to operate confidently as junior managers in the South African community. This training will also assist them in responding to the challenges of the economic environment and the constant change of different industries.

The business administration services qualification develops the learner’s knowledge and skills that they will need to perform administrative duties in any commercial or non-commercial environment. Through this qualification, learners are presented with opportunities to move up the value chain and reach their professional potential.

Both qualifications are registered with SETA and are nationally recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

As we seek to train and develop passionate individuals, candidates interested in this position must:

  1. be at least 18 years of age;
  2. have a Grade 12;
  3. be a South African Citizen and in possession of a valid National Identity Document (ID);
  4. be proficient in English; and
  5. have an interest in the Agri- and Milling sector.

After completion of studies, we also like to absorb the top performers into our workforce and thereby ensuring that learners become employed specialists.


Our Trainee Miller Training Programme empowers candidates to gain key competencies and skills for problem-solving and decision making in maize milling situations.

Dedicated correspondence training in an accredited Maize Milling Technology course lasts 2 years and consists of 8 modules and a further 6 months trade test preparations. Trainees will also have a career mentor (experienced miller/ production manager) to assist and guide them through practical on-the-job challenges. Candidates will be expected to work independently when it comes to handing in bi-annual assignments and writing exams.

To be considered for the programme candidates must be:

  1. at least 18 years of age; Minimum of Grade 12 with mathematics and science;
  2. a South African Citizen and in possession of a valid National Identity Document (ID); and
  3. proficient in English.

The training programme primarily focuses on the following:

  • Maize production;
  • Occupational health, safety and environment in the mill;
  • Maize intake and grading;
  • Storage of maize and maize products;
  • Infestation control;
  • Maize blending, grain conditioning and quality control;
  • General principles of assets and asset maintenance;
  • Interpersonal relations, supervision and training; and
  • Elementary mechanics and electricity.

The theoretical knowledge and practical skills obtained during this course will set you apart from others in the industry. Additionally, we give some selected trainees a chance to develop their skills further at the African Milling School in Kenya. After your studies, we require that you remain employed at Pride Milling for another 3 years. As this position involves analytical thinking and mathematical skills, all our applicants undergo psychometric testing to ensure that they are successful in their studies and future endeavours.

Learnership Opportunities

No current Opportunities available.


Charlotte Maseko, 2018

Now I know how to prioritise tasks and handle my workload. I have become more professional.

Romain Hansen, 2018

Pride Milling has taught me that to succeed, you have to work with passion.

Nelson Mjoli, 2018

At Pride Milling, I learnt to be open-minded and think outside the box.