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Youth Development

TRAINING and development

We believe that every individual has the potential and the capacity to grow and improve. Our Youth Development Programme aims to create opportunities for inexperienced and unemployed youth to kick-start their careers. These practical programmes are designed to give individuals the tools, life skills and work experience to achieve their professional goals.

Sharing knowledge stands at the core of how our company operates, and therefore we encourage our employees to actively share their knowledge with learners and trainees. We invest in expertise to ensure that our company, our employees, and participants of this programme stay at the forefront of product quality, service and continuous innovation.

The ultimate goal of our Youth Development programme is to see all our participants becoming fully functional members of society who actively participate in the economic growth of their company and country.

Not seeing the Programme you have in mind? We post all new opportunities here, so keep your eye on the page.

Pride Milling offers a variety of
opportunities to kick-start your career

WHAT OUR PAST participants SAY

Romain Hansen, 2018

Pride Milling has taught me that to succeed, you have to work with passion.

MP Magudulela, 2016

Working and learning at Pride Milling makes your dreams a reality.

Elton Watters, 2019

I enjoy the day-to-day challenges in the production environment. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I look forward to completing my Apprenticeship and growing in my career.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: When can I apply for one of your Youth Development programmes?

Application dates are announced on the website. Only during this period can you apply for one of our programmes.

FAQ 2: Do I need previous work experience to qualify for one of your Youth Development programmes?

Previous experience isn't a minimum requirement but could be advantageous. However, we do request that you have an interest in the Agri- and Milling sector, a Grade 12 certificate, and a valid South African ID. For the artisan development programme, we also require that you passed Grade 12 with maths.

FAQ 3: I do not see any Youth Development programmes open for application?

All of our programmes are open for application on an ad hoc basis. If there is no programme being advertised on the Pride Milling website, it means that all applications are closed and that no new applications will be accepted or viewed by the company until further notice.

FAQ 4: If I want to apply for one of your Youth Development programmes, are there any tests I can expect?

Yes, all applicants for the Artisan Development programme undergo psychometric testing to ensure that they have the potential to be successful in their positions. Should you fail the psychometric test, your application will no longer be considered.