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Pride Milling donates 41 tons of maize meal to COVID-19 relief initiative

Pride Milling will donate more than 41 tons of maize meal to the Humanitarian Empowerment Fund over the next 6 months as part of their COVID-19 relief initiative.

The Humanitarian Empowerment Fund (HEF) is involved in the upliftment of many lives and communities in Gauteng. During the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic in South Africa, they have responded by helping those who do not have the means to help themselves during the countrywide lock down. Those that need immediate aid during this period are the poor, the widows with children, orphans and the aged who live in impoverished communities.

When the HEF reached out, we made the decision to donate 550 bags of 12.5kg Pride Super Maize Meal every month from September 2020 until February 2021. Each month’s donation will bring relief to 550 families affected by the Lockdown and Covid-19, and by the end of the period a total of 41.25 tons of maize meal will have been donated.


Pride Milling Company takes part in #JerusalemaDance Challenge

The world has embraced South Africa’s latest export: Jerusalema, by Master KG and Nomcebo. So when President Ramaphosa asked South Africans to “take up the #JerusalemaDanceChallenge and show the world what we are capable of”, we as a company could not help but get excited about answering the call in celebration of South Africa’s beautiful spirit and resilience.

Happy Heritage Day 2020!

Pride Milling remains operational during National Lockdown

Following Presidential orders, South Africa is in full lockdown since last night in an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a business that is involved in the production, distribution and supply of food, Pride Milling is categorised as essential and we will therefore carry on operating at full capacity over the next 21 days, while still prioritising the health and safety of our employees.

Based on a thorough risk analysis, we have put the following arrangements in place to ensure that we can continuously supply the people of South Africa in these trying times:

  • All access will be tightly controlled, and all employees and visitors will be scanned for a fever when arriving at the site. Protocols are in place to manage the outcome of these scans to minimise the risk of infection at our business units while ensuring that our mills can operate uninterrupted.
  • Staff have been issued with permits, as outlined in Government Notice No.318 of 18 March 2020, to allow them to travel to and from work.
  • We have also arranged with local public transport to ensure that our workers can travel to and from work uninterrupted in vehicles that adhere to the government’s best practice guidelines for the lockdown.
  • Formal letters have been supplied to our essential service providers and contractors, identifying them as necessary in the day-to-day operations of our mills.
  • We are registered as an essential service with the CIPC and can supply the certificate upon request.

The emergency plans we have implemented are flexible while keeping in mind the health and safety of our employees as well as our responsibility to continuously supply food to South Africans during the 21-day lockdown. and consider the potential impact on our customers. We are constantly monitoring the circumstances to limit business disruptions and the risk of contamination.

We will communicate any new developments through publication on our website ( or official letters from the CEO.

If you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact

Pride Milling COVID-19 Contingency Plan

We at Pride Milling understand and recognise the potential impact of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Therefore we have implemented precautionary measures and are committed to ensuring that the spread of the virus, within the context of our company, is contained to the best of our ability.

We have contingency plans in place that follow the guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO). These procedures apply to all our work activities, our employees and the communities surrounding our mills and are intended to ensure the impact on our business, and subsequently our suppliers, customers and consumers, are limited to a minimum.

Precautionary measures include hygiene training for our staff and visitors, and intense cleaning programmes. Visitors and employees will undergo a screening process to identify potential infections. Thresholds have been put in place to minimise the risk of infected persons entering our site.

We are restricting face-to-face meetings to an absolute minimum and encourage conference calls instead.

The emergency plans we have implemented are flexible and consider the potential impact on our customers. The company will constantly monitor the circumstances to provide information to staff and customers to limit business disruptions and the risk of contamination. We will communicate any new developments, depending on how the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic may progress, through publication on our website ( or official letters from the CEO.

Please be assured of our commitment to overcome the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the most effective way.

Pride Milling Invests Despite Struggling Economy

Africa Outlook Magazine recently did an interview with Pride Milling CEO, Jorrie Jordaan. In the article, Mr. Jordaan talks about his investments at four of the company’s production units despite South Africa’s struggling economy and shares his thoughts on what makes the company such a success.

“By November 2020 Pride Milling will have completed a major expansion project which will see annual capacity increase to 700,000 tonnes and help generate about R2.8 billion in yearly revenue.”

Pride Milling is expanding. Read more about the company’s growth to date and what’s to come in this interview with Africa Outlook Magazine.


In ensuring that our employees receive value-added skills and career path development we also invest in providing them with international training and experience. In 2019, some of our Trainee Millers were selected to join the prestigious African Milling School in Kenya for an intensive 6-month apprenticeship program for millers.

Not only were they exposed to world-class milling techniques but they also had an abundance of new experiences such as their first plane flight, making friends and learning alongside people from all over the world, and dining on international cuisine.

Experiencing Kenya, its people and culture, and attending the African Milling School has been the highlight of my career. This opportunity has given me a renewed interest in the milling industry – Jabu Mtsweni

I have once again realised that food is more than just sustenance, maize meal is a culture on its own – TS Dlamini

We are proud to support such ambitious people in their studies and future careers and trust that we are not only fuelling individual passion but also hope for other young South Africans.


Pride Milling launches new Industrial Yellow Maize Mill

Pride Milling’s Industrial Yellow Maize Mill, launched 1 April 2019, is a new producer of industrial yellow maize products, including grits. The Mill boasts FSSC 22000 and SMETA accreditation, and GMO-Free certification to meet the requirements of the highly technical and growing industrial maize market. This yellow industrial maize mill operates from Pride Milling Devon, which is situated in the biggest yellow maize growing area in South Africa.

Product offering

Pride Milling Devon’s yellow maize products are intended for industrial and retail use and will be marketed and sold in both local and international markets.

All grits supplied by Pride Milling Devon is uniquely, purposely refined (milled) according to each customer’s requirements.

The yellow maize grits products are used by manufacturers in the production of:

  • snacks (both soft and hard extrudes)
  • corn bites
  • breakfast cereals
  • tortillas
  • as part of the brewing process

The yellow maize flours are used by manufacturers for industrial use in, among others, the production of:

  • baby food
  • condiments
  • pastas
  • porridge for adults
  • as a thickening agent in soups and stocks
  • as an ingredient in baking
  • as an ingredient in seasoning and spices

Other uses for the products are in the culinary, health, pharmaceutical and chemical market channel.

The offal, referred to as ‘chop’, is sold for animal feed consumption to feedlots and to farmers.

If you are looking for a supplier of yellow industrial products, contact us here.

Have a look at our complete industrial product offering, here.

Ensuring Food Safety Standards

The mill, located on the Pride Milling Devon premises, aims to consistently meet customer requirements, especially on product quality and food safety.

  • All our yellow industrial products are manufactured according to the guidelines set out by FSSC22000, the international food safety systems we subscribe to and are audited against.
  • All GMO-Free industrial products’ integrity is maintained by an identity preservation system that is audited by international auditing body BM Trada.
  • As a member of Sedex, Pride Milling Devon’s compliance to the four pillars of Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics is measured against SMETA/URSA – one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world.

A dedicated support team, consisting of a System Compliance Manager as well as a System Compliance Coordinator supports the production manager and Quality Assurance Team, ensuring that every step of the process, from receiving raw material to delivering it to the customer, is managed to meet our product quality and food safety standards.

Pride Milling is a preferred manufacturer, marketer and distributor of a wide variety of branded and private label white and yellow maize, and diverse products. Some of the company’s beloved brands include the Pride Maize Range, Tops Mabele, and Drakensberg Pet Foods. In business since 2001, it has a proven track record and is a trusted manufacturer in the industry with a focus on food safety standards and customer service.

Learners of 2018 share their experience

Every year we take in new learners as part of our Learnership Program. These learners are assigned to one of our four mills, or to our head office in Centurion. From there on out the learning begins with theoretical and practical training forming part of the experience.

With the Learnership Program we aim to instil not only the hard skills required to kick-start a professional career, but the personal skills required to excel at it, too.

Take a look at what one of our 2018 learners, Immortal Molopyane, had to say: