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Social Media Policy


1.1. With these community rules we attempt to ensure that we create respectful online environments where followers of our online communities can participate in conversations with each other and the brands.
1.2. Please read the following carefully, as it provides information about sharing and contributing content which must at all times be and stay respectful, must not cause harm, must be appropriate, must not break any laws, and are consistent with any of our policies.
1.3. We also state how we’ll respond to anything that’s abusive, unsuitable or derogatory.

Conduct on Social Media Communities

  1. This policy applies to your conduct on any of our social media communities (which are our websites and social media forums).
  2. Social media includes:
    • Social networking services – such as Facebook;
    • Micro-blogging services – such as Twitter or Tumblr;
    • Professional networking services – such as LinkedIn;
    • Video and photo sharing services – such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, or Flickr;
    • Blogs – such as corporate or personal blogs;
    • Forums and discussion boards – such as Reddit;
    • Wiki websites – such as Wikipedia;
    • Instant messaging applications – such as WhatsApp, WeChat, or iMessage when used to send group messages; and
    • Any other electronic communications – such as email or SMS when used to send the same message to multiple recipients.
  3. The terms, conditions and policies that belong to specific social media communities, as per the above-mentioned list of social media communities, at all times also apply to any official Pride Milling Company (Pty) Ltd. profiles, or affiliated brand profiles, that they house. It is important that you follow the terms and conditions of the social media communities, as well as ours.
  4. While Pride Milling Company (Pty) Ltd. may have official profiles on a number of social networks, this does not mean that we are endorsing said platform’s products or services.
  5. From time to time we may acknowledge, share items or talk about products or services we think are interesting. This does not mean we are agreeing or supporting a point of view or endorsing a product or service.
  6. We want to create open, respectful communication within our social media profiles.
  7. While we work hard to moderate anything that is offensive, unsuitable or derogatory, we are not legally responsible for content posted by third parties.
  8. We will furthermore not tolerate and facilitate communication that amounts to abuse.
  9. You’re allowed to respectfully disagree with someone, but you’re not allowed to attack them personally. You may not engage in any of the following prohibited conduct:
    • any form of discrimination,
    • any form of hate speech,
    • any form of harassment,
    • any form of trolling (which means a specific way of harassing someone online by intentionally sowing discord, starting arguments, or publishing objectionable content).
  10. You may furthermore not publish any prohibited content including:
    • illegal content that is prohibited by law;
    • harmful content that could cause harm to someone;
    • offensive content that could reasonably offend someone; or
    • impermissible content which is contrary to any codes or standards that we subscribe to and make you aware of.
  11. We’re happy for you to share and comment on content that we may post to our official social media profiles, provided that you do not alter it and that you cite us as the source. Please be aware that the design of these profiles and content that we post on them is the copyright of Pride Milling Company (Pty) Ltd. and our rights are reserved.
  12. All trademarks, company names, brand names, product names, logos and designs used on our official social media profiles are the intellectual property of Pride Milling Company (Pty) Ltd.
  13. While we want to be as helpful as we can, we do not provide dietary, fitness, health, or other specialist advice through our social media profiles. Please consult a professional regarding any of the above topics.
  14. Unless clearly stated otherwise, official Pride Milling Company (Pty) Ltd. social media accounts are aimed at people in South Africa and designed for use in South Africa. If you have queries and are not based in South Africa, you can contact us via our website:
  15. We will always treat your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and applicable laws.
  16. We may monitor and record comments and conversations to help improve products and services.
  17. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of content not posted by us.
  18. If you can’t access the social network at all, it is up to the individual social network to repair it and it isn’t something that we can resolve.
  19. If you are not able to use or access official Pride Milling Company (Pty) Ltd. social media profiles, or linked websites, we are not legally responsible for any problems this causes. We will do our best to repair any problems by following proper channels.

User-Generated Content

  1. We define user-generated content (UGC) is any form of positive brand-oriented content, such as images, videos, text and audio, that have been posted by users of social media or other online platforms, listed here above, and any other platform not listed here where the brand is represented by an official account.
  2. UGC includes any selfie, photo or video that you may take or publish in response to a Call to Action, including competitions, on social media, or in the spirit of sharing a memory or moment that is relevant to the brand.
  3. The community manager of each brand is tasked with sharing the best user-generated content onto the relevant brand’s timelines.
  4. When tagging pictures on your timeline with the brand or campaign hashtag on any of our brands’ social media channels, you give us the permission to share that picture or post to our timeline on that platform.
  5. Before sharing said picture onto any additional platform or medium, we will obtain your permission first.

Our response to Anything that’s Abusive, Unsuitable or Derogatory

  1. Our social media profiles have features that allow us to edit or completely remove published content under certain circumstances and we have complete discretion to edit or remove anything you publish on our social media profiles that we think is inconsistent with these rules without notice to you.
  2. There may come a time when you or another community member breaches these rules in a way that calls for action from our side. We have absolute discretion to take action if we deem you to have breached these rules and may take recourse against you in the form of a suspension, ban or legal action for which you will be held liable for the legal costs incurred thereby.
  3. We may suspend your right to participate in any of our social media communities if you do not comply with these rules, which means that you will not be able to access it for a period of time. Some social media services do not allow the temporary suspension of community members, in which case we may ban you instead.
  4. We may ban you from any of our social media communities outright under extreme circumstances, which means that you will not be able to access it for the foreseeable future.
  5. We may also ban or suspend any other social media community accounts that we suspect you to be operating through after we have taken recourse against you through your initial account.
  6. If we have suspended or banned you, you may appeal to us to reinstate your access to the social media communities. We may provide you with steps to take to ask to be reinstated if we decide to suspend or ban you to the extent this is necessary to ensure that the process is as just and equitable as possible.


If you have any questions about this policy or do not understand it, please contact us via our contact form at