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Pride GMO-Free Maize is made with ingredients you can trust

Recently, MyKitchen South Africa did a feature on our range of GMO-free maize products.  The publication celebrated the fact that our products are made from top quality ingredients without any added preservatives or additives.

Read the article, below:

Have you tried Pride GMO-Free Maize Yet?

From seed to spoon, Pride GMO-Free Maize is 100% natural and 100% delicious! Pride GMO-Free finally offers an alternative range of maize products to South Africans. Their products are made from high-quality maize kernels that taste great and have not been genetically modified, to keep the product tasting as delicious as nature intended.

Serious foodies know that better-quality ingredients ensure better-tasting results. The Pride GMO-Free range is the crème de la crème of maize products, made from only the finest raw maize that is carefully harvested to preserve its quality and identity. Just like heirloom tomatoes and organic free-range chicken, the Pride GMO-Free range also prioritises your taste buds, unlike its mass-produced counterparts. Because it has not been genetically modified in a lab, it has that original old-world flavour that we just can’t get enough of, that made South Africans fall in love with it in the first place!

From seed to spoon, Pride goes the extra mile for your peace of mind. They take great care of what goes into each of the products in the GMO-Free range, and they don’t add things that don’t belong, like preservatives and additives.

Pride GMO-Free also offers the same health benefits as other maize products; it is cholesterol-free and a source of fibre. The fact that it’s gluten-free makes it an ideal side for people with digestive issues such as Celiac’s Disease and gluten sensitivity. And did you know that polenta contains carotenoids, an antioxidant that can protect you from disease and enhance your immune system?

In an effort to be transparent and ensure that their GMO-Free products are what they claim to be, the production processes of the Pride GMO-Free Maize range is submitted to rigorous auditing by an independent third-party auditor. Pride is involved in every step of the process, from selecting the seeds that are planted, to how the product is harvested, transported, stored, milled and packed. These in-depth processes have made them one of the first millers in South Africa to manufacture truly GMO-Free maize products.

Try one their delicious recipes using our products, here.

Maize products are versatile and affordable. Try it in recipes that you would never have guessed, like avo stuffed with curried samp, polenta fries, maize malva pudding, stuffed pap balls and more. Pictures courtesy of