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Pride Soup Mix

Pride Soup Mix is the perfect mix of Green and Yellow Split Peas, Red and Brown Lentils, and pearl barley that will transform a hearty and nutritious soup into a delicious meal.

Pride Mixed Lentils

Like beans, lentils add a great high-fibre and high-protein element to many meals. Thanks to their small size, lentils cook much more quickly than dried beans and do not have to be soaked before cooking.
Pride Mixed Lentils contains brown, red and green lentils, and are a delicious addition to soups and curries.

Pride Samp & Beans

Samp and Beans is a popular dish across South Africa, but is especially culturally significant to the Zulu and Xhosa peoples, who call it isistambu and umngqusho, respectively.
Pride Samp and Beans are made from crushed dry maize/corn kernels (a.k.a. samp) and sugar beans. This delicious combo should be slow-cooked to get the most flavour out if it.