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Pride Mixed Lentils

Like beans, lentils add a great high-fibre and high-protein element to many meals. Thanks to their small size, lentils cook much more quickly than dried beans and do not have to be soaked before cooking.
Pride Mixed Lentils contains brown, red and green lentils, and are a delicious addition to soups and curries.

Pride Red Lentils

Orange-red in colour, Pride Red Lentils are the sweetest and nuttiest of all lentils (to our mind, at least!). They’re somewhere in the middle in terms of cooking time and are usually done in about 30 minutes. These lentils tend to get mushy when cooked through, so they’re perfect for Indian dahls and other curries, or for thickening soups.

Pride Brown Lentils

Brown Lentils are the most common variety of lentil. It can range in colour from khaki-brown to dark brown, and generally have a mild, earthy flavour. They cook in about 20 to 30 minutes and hold their shape very well. Pride Brown Lentils are made from premium lentils that are expertly sourced, to ensure quality and a delicious taste.