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Food Security

A Meticulous Food Security Strategy Ensures That We Always Deliver, No Matter What

A broad spectrum of risks is considered when planning Pride Milling’s food security strategy. With our customers in mind, we continuously work to ensure that our products and services remain available regardless of socio-economic, climate or industry challenges.

Procurement: Strategic procurement strategies and qualified Procurement Managers ensure that adequate amounts of raw material is available to meet market demand at all times.

  • Pride Milling’s strategy is to procure well in advance, as and when required, to guarantee food security and to ensure that our costs remain competitive, conforming to customer requirements.
  • We procure our maize from the eastern part of South Africa, a region with higher rainfall and a more reliable crop yield compared to other regions in the country. This region consistently produces crops of high quality.
  • We procure GMO-Free maize with an Identity Preservation Protocol (IP) from producers in the eastern region of South Africa in partnership with our service providers to store GMO-Free raw material and ensure status.

Strategic Positioning: All Pride Milling operations are ideally located in the key maize-producing regions of Gauteng and Mpumalanga to improve production lead times and ensure ease of distribution. As far as possible, we procure from the producers closest to our mills, with the added benefit of keeping our prices competitive.

Distribution: Our distribution network consists of both our own and outsourced transport, ensuring that our distribution network is scalable and cost-effective. The Pride Milling fleet is monitored 24/7 using satellite tracking, which means we can locate and confirm the whereabouts of a customer’s cargo within minutes.

Key Personnel: Appointing capable individuals in key positions has been proven to cut down on costly mistakes and increases a company’s efficiency. Therefore, we appoint employees who are suitably qualified, with industry-related experience and a proven track record.

Backup Production Plans: A range of social, political or environmental factors can affect continuous production at a mill. To mitigate this risk, each of our mills has been set up to serve as back-up manufacturer to the other, ensuring that the production of customer orders can carry on uninterrupted as per the contingency plan.

Reputable B-BBEE Shareholder: In March 2019, an empowerment deal was concluded with Thebe Investment Corporation when they acquired a 30% share in the company. Thebe has impeccable credentials in terms of the Codes of Good Practice based on its BBBEE content. This partnership empowers Pride Milling to circumvent social and political threats that, without Thebe as an investor, would have been more difficult to manage.

Financially Strong Balance Sheet: Pride Milling maintains a good financial balance sheet through effective business management.