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Food Safety

Compliance with international food safety standards and legislation is how Pride Milling controls and manages all processes to eliminate or reduce potential food safety hazards to acceptable levels. The company can consistently supply a product that conforms to the customer’s specification and International Food Safety requirements.


FSSC 22000

Pride Milling’s strive to be the customer-preferred supplier served as direction for management to implement food safety processes and get certified at all our business units. Currently we are certified against one of the best-acknowledged International Food Safety Systems, namely FSSC22000.

Identity preservation certification

The growing desire from consumers worldwide to have the freedom of choice between GMO and GMO-free foods has served as motivation for Pride Milling to implement a system that guarantees the identity of GMO-free maize products and that it is preserved through the whole supply chain and production process.  

To validate the effectiveness of these processes, the company is audited and certified by BMTrada.

Sustainability program with Farmers

As part of our commitment to food safety, Pride Milling is engaged in a sustainability project with the farmers who supply us with maize. A data system named Muddy Boots provide information with regards to good farming practices and is audited by independent field agents.


The products manufactured and distributed by Pride Milling are Halaal as certified by the Islamic Council of South Africa.


Products manufactured and distributed by Pride Milling are Kosher as certified by the Johannesburg Beth Din.